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Saudi: One Dead, Several Hurt as Bus Plunges off Bridge in Riyadh

One person died and several others were injured when a bus fell from the top of a bridge in the Riyadh city.

The General Directorate of Civil Defense said in a statement on Thursday that the injured were transferred to hospital by the rescue workers. The Civil Defense, in cooperation with the General Traffic Department, has taken all the necessary measures following the accident.

Meanwhile, social media activists circulated a picture showing the horrific overturning of the bus, and a number of people gathered around it in the presence of Civil Defense vehicles and ambulance teams who engage in rescue efforts and in the medical evacuation of those who sustained injuries.

Several Twitteratis also called for replacing the iron fences on both sides of the bridges with concrete ones. They also underlined the need to provide training to bus drivers and ensure periodic inspection of vehicles so as to avoid such fatal accidents.


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