Saudi: ‘Oriental Nights’ festival in Eastern Province attracts 160,000 visitors

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DAMMAM: The executive committee of the “Oriental Nights” festival, currently held at King Abdullah Park along Dammam’s waterfront and organized by the Eastern Province secretariat, reported that 160,000 people have visited the festival during the past six days.

The number is expected to increase in the coming days.

Mohammed Al-Safyan, the head of the committee, said the festival witnessed a remarkable turnout since its first hour, as huge numbers of visitors and Arab communities turned out, thanks to the diversity of its events and shows, presented by six Arab states that are participating through professional folk groups.

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More than 120 events, enjoyed by all segments of society, accompany the festival that opens from 4-11 p.m.

Al-Safyan added that the executive committee is prepared to receive thousands of visitors, by increasing the number of volunteers, reaching more than 100, along with the secretariat’s security team.

He also said that the Levant nights, which lasted three days, had the biggest turnout so far with 15-20,000 visitors per night. This event included folk dances, food, songs and plays.
The festival will host Moroccan shows that start on January 16, and many other surprises in the coming days.

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Source Credit: Arab News


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