Saudi: Over 4.37 Million Illegal Expats Caught In 2 Years

Most crimes committed by workers who stay in Kingdom illegally. (Photo courtesy: Saudi Public Security Department)
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The Nation-Free of Violators campaign has apprehended as many as 4.37 expatriate violators over two years of whom a total of 1.10 million were deported to their respective homes.

The campaign was launched mid-November 2017 with 19 ministries and government departments participating including the Ministry of Labor and Social Development and the Directorate General of Passports (Jawazat).

The campaign said about 3.4 million expatriates were in violation of the system of residency, 670,260 the work laws and 282,866 the border security system.

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It said as many as 79,153 people were apprehended while attempting to infiltrate into the Kingdom from its southern borders of whom about 55 percent were Ethiopians, 42 percent Yemenis and three percent of various other nationalities.

The campaign revealed that 2,983 expatriates were caught while trying to exit the Kingdom illegally via its borders.

According to the campaign, as many as 4,737 people were accused of providing accommodation and transport to illegal expatriates. They included 1,770 Saudis of whom 1,734 were questioned, tried and released and 36 are still being probed.

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The campaign said a total of 15,719 expatriates —13,965 men and 1,754 women — were being detained in detention centers.

It said 550,393 expatriates were referred to their concerned embassies and consulates to issue them with travel documents and 734,721 were completing their departure arrangements.


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