Saudi: Over 500 ‘remote marriages’ amid virus outbreak

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A total of 542 ‘remote’ marriage contracts were finalized here through “Najiz” portal since March 16 when suspension of work in courts was announced due to coronavirus outbreak in the Kingdom, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted the Ministry of Justice as disclosing on Monday.

The “e-marriage contract” service was launched by the Ministry of Justice via “Najiz” portal recently. It is meant to facilitate completion of marriage contract procedures and attestation by the ministry, without the need to pay any visit to the ministry or its branches.

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The service provides a number of options and facilities, including facilitating choosing the marriage official (ma’zoun), booking a suitable appointment electronically, facilitating marriage contract attestation procedures without the need to pay a visit to the ministry offices, and the possibility of preparing the marriage contract data and revising the conditions before the appointed time.

The service provides the user the privilege of verifying the medical test results electronically without the need to visit the hospital, and registering the marriage electronically at the ministerial agency of civil affairs.

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