Saudi: Over a million illegals deported in two years

Millions deported from Saudi
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Saudi authorities have arrested about 4.068 million foreigners who were living in the country in violation of the labor and residency regulations. 1.014 million of them have been deported to their respective countries since November 2017, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said quoting interior ministry officials.

A total of 3,179,181 expatriates were arrested for violating residency regulations, 625,663 for violating the labor law and 263,478 for breaching border security. The officials said a total of 70,478 people were apprehended while attempting to sneak into the Kingdom through its southern borders.

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The security clampdown to flush out all illegal expatriates from Saudi Arabia seems to have achieved its objectives with the coordinated efforts of various security agencies.

The interior ministry launched the Nation Without Illegal Expats campaign on March 29, 2017, with an initial 90-day grace period for all visa over stayers and violators of residency and labor laws to leave the country without incurring any penalties.

Saudi authorities estimated that more than 750,000 people belonging to 140 nationalities had benefited from the amnesty when the grace period finally ended.

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