Saudi: Penalties For Dumping Construction Waste In Makkah

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Companies or individuals found leaving construction waste on streets will be penalized including fines.

Makkah Mayor Muhammad Al-Quwaihes launched on Sunday an initiative titled “Makkah with no construction waste.”

The initiative comes under the campaign called “How can we become a model?” launched by the Makkah emirate as part of the Makkah Cultural Forum for the year 2018.

Al-Quwaihes urged people to report about violations through the mayoralty’s app or by calling the number 940.

He said that the initiative aims to preserve the urban appearance throughout Makkah and remove construction and debris scattered in the neighbourhoods.

The mayor directed branch municipalities and government departments to ensure availability of containers for the collection of construction waste. The directive also includes the imposition of fines on violators of the regulations.


Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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