Saudi: Pharmacists sell antibiotics without medical prescriptions

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More than 200 pharmacists face jail time for selling antibiotics without medical prescriptions.

The Ministry of Health organized an inspection campaign last week to ensure that antibiotics and other medications are not being sold to customers who do not have a doctor’s prescription for the medications they purchased, Al-Hayat Arabic paper reported

Inspectors visited over 3,480 pharmacies. The violators may face six months in prison and a fine reaching up to SR100,000. The violating pharmacy may also have its license suspended. The ministry is continuing its inspection campaign and organizing events to raise awareness of the harms of taking antibiotics without the need to do so. The ministry set up booths in health institutes and shopping centers in all areas of the Kingdom.

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The Saudi Food and Drugs Authority stressed on the danger of not following the doctor’s orders when it comes to taking antibiotics. Experts said that only 20 percent of children need antibiotics to treat their sore throats. Often times, people either use antibiotics when they do not need to or use antibiotics but do not follow the doctor’s instructions.

When stopping the intake of antibiotics too early, the bacteria in the body may cluster in an area and cause another infection. It is also important to stick to the portion and number of prescribed intakes per day. Many patients lessen the number of intakes and increase the portion.

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Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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