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Saudi: Popular Youtuber Ibrahim Al Suhaimi and Daughter Killed in Mecca Road Crash

Ibrahim Al Suhaimi, a well-known YouTuber in Saudi Arabia, was killed in a road accident in Al Jumoom, Mecca.

The accident also claimed the life of his daughter, who succumbed to her injuries, while his wife is receiving treatment.

The news of Al Suhaimi’s death was initially announced by fellow content creator Thunayan Khalid on social media, shocking social media users in Saudi Arabia and across the Arab world.

Photos of Al Suhaimi and his daughter have been circulating online, with many expressing condolences and asking for forgiveness and mercy for the deceased, while sending thoughts of patience and forbearance to the grieving family.

Ibrahim Al Suhaimi was a prominent figure in the social media community of the Kingdom, boasting a substantial follower base that regularly engaged with his content.

He held a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from King Saud University and was renowned for the lively interaction in his videos, which often featured entertainment and comedy content.

Al Suhaimi rose to fame soon after he started creating content, garnering millions of followers who admired and respected him.

Footage from the accident shows a collision between two cars, with one of them losing control and veering off the road.

Al Suhaimi was part of a blogger group led by Thunayan Khalid on Snapchat and gained widespread recognition for his distinctive content. He had been married for two years and had one child.


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