Saudi prince urges Muslims to join Christians and Jews to visit Jerusalem

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Prince Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Alissa has taken the unprecedented step of recommending Muslims, Christians and Jews form a delegation to visit Jerusalem.

The royal of a ruling Islamist dynasty called for peace between the three Abrahamic faiths as clashes continue at the Gaza border between Israelis and Palestinians.

The Secretary-General of the Muslim World League added that the delegation should not represent Saudi Arabia nor any political movement.

 ‘We should send a peace convoy that is representative of all three Abrahamic religions. They should be Muslim, Christian and Jewish and they should visit all holy sites, Alissa told Fox News yesterday.

‘They should meet everyone and find common ground, and they should provide fertile ground to find solutions for peace.’

He believes religious leaders with ‘no political agenda’ will be ‘more influential’ in the troubled region due to their ‘independence’.

Alissa stressed that the delegation should not represent his ultra-conservative Islamic kingdom, but also described the delegates as representing the ‘Muslim world, the Christian world and the Jewish world’.

He told the news network that he hopes it will help carve a path toward cross-faith acceptance of different religions.

And the prince is confident that one day people will be able to practise any faith openly in any country they choose.

Though Saudi and Israel still have no official diplomatic connection, they have started sharing intelligence.

He is an ally of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has introduced reforms such as allowing women to drive and permitting cinemas since he was named heir to the throne last year.


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