Saudi: Principal Fired As Student Drowns In Swimming Pool

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The school fired its principal after a student drowned in swimming pool and replaced him with another immediately.

Mohammad Al-Harbi, a second-grade student, drowned in the swimming pool of the public primary school in Jeddah on Sept. 26. People speculated whether the student died due to drowning or to due to other factors. The forensic report confirmed that the student had drowned.

The family of Al-Harbi blamed the school for its negligence and the swimming instructor for not being around when the child jumped into the pool.

Al-Harbi’s mother said the instructor left the students near the swimming pool to go to another class and no one noticed that her son was gone until his friend informed the school. The school then found Al-Harbi’s lifeless body at the bottom of the swimming pool.

The school replaced its principal and penalized him for his negligence but it only posted the news on its social media account, which had only 769 followers.

Jeddah Education Affairs spokesman Humoud Al-Suqairan confirmed that the school replaced its principal and stated that the case of the drowned student was forwarded to the Public Prosecution.


Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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