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Saudi: Rain to continue until Thursday; torrential rain may hit coastal areas of Makkah

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) announced that Makkah and most other regions of Saudi Arabia would continue to receive moderate to heavy rains until Thursday, with the possibility of torrential rain and flash flooding in the coastal areas of Makkah.

In its weather report, the centre stated that the rainy weather condition would be accompanied by hail, torrential rain, dust storm and low visibility.

It revealed that moderate rains are likely to hit Al-Mahd, Wadi Al-Fara, and Al-Hanakiyah in the Madinah region; Rafha in the Northern Borders Region; Hail, Baqa’a, Al-Ghazala, Al-Shanan and most other governorates in the Hail region as well as in Al-Majmaa, Al-Zulfi, Al-Ghat, Shaqra, Remah, and Afif in the Riyadh region.

The NCM report said rain would fall in parts of Asir region such as Al-Namas, Balqarn, Al-Majaridah, Mahayil, Bariq, and Tanumah, in addition to Faifa, Al-Khouba, Al-Ardah, Haroub, Al-Harth, and Al-Dair in Jazan region.

It would also fall in Al-Baha, Baljurashi, Al-Mandaq, Al-Qura, Qalwa, and Al-Makhwah in Al-Baha region.


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