Saudi: Recruitment Firms Obliged To Receive Housemaids On Arrival

One of the reasons behind the recent increase in the cost of hiring domestic workers is that a number of countries like Ethiopia and Nepal stopped sending domestic workers to Kuwait.
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The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has made it imperative for the recruitment offices and companies to receive the housemaids on arrival at the airport, a task that was shouldered in the past by the employers themselves.

The Arabic daily Al-Watan said the new system would come into force on July 1 and would be applied first at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh before it gradually expanding to other airports.

The ministry said the offices and companies should provide the housemaids with all the data about them and how to contact them.

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It said the offices and companies should inform the employer about the arrival of his/her housemaid 24 hours before she was due in the Kingdom.

The offices should also make arrangements to drop off the housemaids at the airport and also pick them up at the airport of arrival in case they were made to travel between Saudi cities.


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