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Saudi: Red Alert Issued in Jeddah and 5 Other Governorates of Makkah

The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) announced that it has raised the weather warning level in the Makkah city, Jeddah and five other governorates in the Makkah region to red alert, until 1:00 pm on Wednesday. These governorates include Rabigh, Khulais, Al-Kamil, Al-Jamoum, and Bahra.

According to the NCM forecast, heavy rains, accompanied by high-speed winds, lack of horizontal visibility, hail, torrential flows and thunderclaps, are expected to hit these governorates. The centre said in a statement that the weather fluctuations are expected to continue in most regions of Saudi Arabia until Thursday.

Moderate to heavy rains will be experienced on Tuesday and Wednesday in Jeddah, Bahra, Rabigh, Khulais, Allaith, and Qunfudhah in the Makkah region. The initial forecasts indicate that the rainy conditions will continue in most regions of Saudi Arabia until the middle of next week.

Meanwhile, the General Directorate of Civil Defence called on the public to take utmost caution and vigil, stay away from flood passages, water swamps and valleys, and not to venture out to swim there as they involve danger. It also urged adherence to the instructions and alerts announced through various official media outlets and social networking sites in view of the chances of witnessing thunderstorms in most regions of Saudi Arabia until Thursday.


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