Saudi Returnees Must Sign Undertaking for 7-day Quarantine at Home

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All Saudi returnees from abroad must sign an undertaking to remain in quarantine for 7 days in hotels and for 7 days at home, as a precautionary measure to ensure they are not infected with coronavirus.

Individuals will be tested after quarantine in the hotel. If the case is tested negative, the person leaves for home after signing undertakings that he will not socialize with others, and will implement the directives issued by the official authorities – keeping away from crowds or socializing with family members for another 7 days.

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The returnee must contact the Ministry of Health if coronavirus symptoms appear, visit the nearest health facility or dial 937.

Returnees will be monitored continuously via the “Titamman” app and will need to visit the health facility when called via the mobile number registered in the undertaking.

Medical workers will follow up on their conditions until the period for self-quarantine at home, after which returnees can pursue life normally.


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