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Saudi: Riyadh to open its first football center for girls

The regional training centers for girls announced that they would continue to accept girls who are interested in football and wishing to participate and join the training centers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The center said that starting from Sept. 11 the training center would start with two-week audition tests for the girls to measure their abilities.

The management of the program center also determined the age groups that can to register for training. The center has set out that those under the age groups 13 to 17 years old are eligible.

The regional training center provides a safe environment to practice football, and it has been equipped to discover girls’ talents in an educational environment.

The center aims to prepare female players for clubs and national teams through a program that extends for 8 months.

The center is the first training center for girls in the Riyadh region. It also includes a number of football specialists who hold training and management certificates from the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF).

The center seeks to achieve many goals and is characterized by the supervision of an all-female staff to ensure the privacy of the players and coaches.


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