Saudi royal, Princess of charity, passes away

Saudi Princess of charity
Saudi Princess of charity
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According to a royal court statement, Saudi Princess Al-Bandari Bint Abdul Rahman Al-Faisal, CEO of King Khalid Charitable Foundation, died on Friday.

Funeral prayers were held after the Asr prayer at the Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Mosque in Riyadh on Saturday.

Princess Al-Bandari had been a member of several non-profit organizations in Saudi Arabia, including the Women›s Charity Association, Ifta Society for Hyperactivity Disorder, the jury of the Honorary Award and the jury of the Saudi Arabian Women›s Award.

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Al-Bandari was a symbol of charitable work in the Kingdom. She was the granddaughter of King Faisal, the third king of Saudi Arabia, and the granddaughter of King Khalid, the fourth king, from her mother’s side.

Source: Saudi Gazette