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Saudi: SAR Wins International Safety Award 2020

The Saudi Railways Company (SAR) won the International Safety Award for 2020, for the second time in a row from the British Safety Council, for its exemplary management of health, safety and environmental risks by applying the highest standards and strategies for safety in the workplace, its commitment to preserving the health and safety of its customers and employees from risks and injuries.

SAR’s CEO, Dr. Bashar bin Khalid Al-Malik, confirmed that the company puts at the forefront of its strategic plans the application of the highest safety standards in operating the rail network in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, indicating that (SAR) accords top priority to the culture of safety in the management, operation and maintenance of its trains, by following international laws that have proven effective in maintaining safety in the work environment, according to Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

“We are proud that SAR wins such international awards, which reflect the efforts and decisions being taken to apply and develop health and safety measures,” he said.


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