Saudi: Shop Faces Legal Action For False Promotions On Social Media

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The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has taken legal action against a jewellery shop in Riyadh after it announced misleading discount offers through the social networking sites.

On its Twitter and Instagram, the shop claimed that its prices were the cheapest in the Kingdom. Considering the unreasonable offers to be a delusion and an attempt to deceive the consumers, inspection teams from the ministry started monitoring the shop.

Upon raiding the shop, the inspectors found 3,144 pieces of jewellery that did not bear the trademarks of the importer or the factory where they were made. The shop even could not produce documents to prove the source of origin. The inspectors seized a number of such pieces and sent them for analysis by the concerned laboratory.

The ministry summoned the owner of the shop for further investigations, after which the case will be referred to the Public Prosecution.

The ministry reaffirmed its determination to continue monitoring all precious metals and gemstone shops to verify the regularity of their work and their commitment to relevant rules and regulations.


Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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