Saudi: Six expats arrested for trading fraudulent SIM cards

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Police arrests six Bangladeshi expatriates, with ages ranging between the twenties and thirties, in downtown Riyadh for dealing in fraudulent SIMs.

They were held for practicing trade in mobile SIM cards that were obtained using the identity cards of citizens and expatriates, without their knowledge, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) quoted the spokesman of Riyadh Region Police Lt. Col. Shaker Al-Twaijri as stating Saturday.

Lt. Col. Al-Twaijri added: “The authorities seized 577 various SIM cards of several telecom companies, a large number of printed fingerprints for unidentified persons, photographs of identity cards, a laptop, printers and barcode readers in the possession of the arrested residents.

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“They have been taken into custody and the regulatory measures have been taken against them prior to referring them to the Public Prosecution.”


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