Saudi state TV justifies shooting down of Qatari airliners

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A Saudi state TV channel has produced a video showing the potential consequences of a Qatari passenger jet entering Riyadh’s airspace – being shot out of the sky. In a short animation published on Al-Arabiya TV a few days ago, a commercial Qatar Airways passenger jet is shown entering Saudi airspace, before being escorted to land by a Saudi fighter jet.

A voiceover says that “according to international law, a state that bans flights from entering its airspace has the right to deal with the violating plane in any way it wishes”. “The options in this case either take the form of deploying a fighter jet that forces the plane to land whereby the flight crew is then tried on several charges.”

The release of the video – and its implications for unarmed passenger jets – was condemned by scores of Twitter users. Ibtesam Al Emadi commented “Bombing a civilian airplane? What is this called? Spreading terrorism thinking or not?!”

Source Credit: Middle East Eye
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