Saudi students claim; “it’s okay to cheat in English exams”

Students at King Saud University, where classes are segregated by gender.
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A religious scholar in Saudi Arabia has rubbished claims by students that they could cheat in their English exams because it was not their native language.

“Such an allegation is not acceptable and has no substance whatsoever,” Abdullah Al Turki, member of the Senior Scholars Council, said.

“Any supervisor or teacher who finds out that there had been cases of cheating must void the exam,” he said in remarks carried by Saudi daily Okaz on Thursday.

Students have been regularly pushing to be allowed to cheat on English exams, arguing that they had been forced to learn it.

However, all religious scholars say cheating, in all of its forms, was not allowed in Islam.

“Fraud cannot be accepted regardless of any justification,” Dr Hisham Al Shaikh, a professor at the Supreme Judicial Council, said.

“Cheating in English exams is in fact cheating Muslims because the fraudster will be given a certificate attesting to his proficiency in English that he will use to enter college or to obtain a job,” he rationalised.


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