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Saudi Student’s ‘My Child’ App Wins Acclaim at Swift Student Challenge

Saudi student Jawaher Al-Enezi has made significant strides in the tech world with her app “My Child,” which has been selected as one of the top three apps at the Swift Student Challenge.

The app was developed during her time at the Apple Developer Academy and stood out among 350 submissions from 35 countries.

“My Child” is designed to support children and young people who stutter by providing them with therapeutic exercises and real-life practice scenarios.

The inspiration for the app came from Al-Enezi’s personal experiences. Having developed a stutter after her grandfather’s death when she was five, she faced significant challenges in communication. With her father’s support, she learned techniques to manage her stutter, which she later incorporated into her app. The app features characters inspired by her father and grandfather and uses AVFAudio technology to help users practice speech techniques.

Al-Enezi’s future plans include a career in programming in Saudi Arabia, and she aims to publish “My Child” on the App Store. She continues to focus on developing helpful tools for those facing similar speech and communication challenges.

This initiative is part of a broader effort by the Apple Developer Academy in Riyadh, established in collaboration with Tuwaiq Academy, to empower female tech leaders and innovators in the region. The academy is notable for being the only all-female Apple Developer Academy globally, emphasizing the role of women in advancing technology and innovation.


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