Saudi tightens screws on firms helping illegal workers

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The General Directorate of Passports has warned that establishments should not transport, hire, harbor or help illegal workers in any way.

Those that do so will face a penalty of SR100,000 ($26,661) and a ban on recruiting from abroad for five years.

Individuals responsible will be imprisoned for two years, have their means of transport seized, and will be deported if they are expatriates. The penalties will be publicized.

Earlier, the Ministry of Interior called upon citizens and residents to abide by regulations and instructions that prohibit dealing, hiding, sheltering, transporting, operating or providing support to those who violate residency, employment and border security.

The number of residency and labor law violators arrested in a crackdown as part of the campaign “A Nation Without Illegal Expatriates” launched on Nov. 15, 2017, has reached a total of 1,319,591.


Source Credit: Arab News


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