Saudi Arabia to allot 5% of parking spaces for electric cars

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The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs intends to allot 5% of the total available parking spaces for electric cars.

According to the new municipal rules and regulations, formulated by the ministry, there will be charging stations for electric cars at all parking lots, Al-Watan newspaper reported.

The ministry has classified charging sites of electric vehicles into three levels. The first level is the long-term parking such as parking lots in residential buildings, offices, airports, railway stations, and regional transport stations.

The second level is short-term parking such as parking lots in commercial complexes including malls, theaters, and hotels, while the third level is parking lots on both sides of commercial streets and main roads and Class A fuel stations.

The ministry stated that the project aims to outline the requirements and conditions for charging electric vehicles, which are in line with the modern trend in supporting the use of clean energy sources instead of oil derivatives to reduce pollution and preserve the environment and public health.

It pointed out that in light of the global trend towards the use of clean energy sources, instead of oil derivatives so as to reduce pollution and preserve the environment, it was necessary to develop a version that explain the requirements and conditions for charging electric vehicles that are in line with this trend.

The ministry indicated that the major global auto companies invest and participate in the modernization and development of electric cars whose popularity increases with the passage of time along with the development and innovations that are added to them.

Likewise, the cost of electric cars is declining continuously with its development, which leads to an expansion in the use of these types of cars.

These cars help to preserve the environment as well as the energy sources as no smoke or exhaust emanates from them, which improves public health and raises the quality of life of Saudi citizens, the ministry sources pointed out.


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