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Saudi to begin automatic surveillance of motorists changing lanes without signalling

Saudi Arabia’s Traffic Directorate announced on Wednesday that it would start soon automatic surveillance of the violations of changing lanes without signalling.

The new traffic rule will be implemented in the major cities of Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam after seven days.

Earlier this year, the Traffic Directorate introduced a maximum ticketing of SR6,000 for violations such as running red signals and driving the wrong-way. According to the executive regulations of the new Traffic Law that came into effect in January this year, motorists using wrong number plates are slapped with a hefty fine up to SR10,000.

The directorate clarified that motorists using wrong number plates will be ticketed with a minimum fine of SR5,000 and a maximum of SR10,000. Moreover, the vehicle will be impounded until the violation has been rectified. There will be fines ranging between SR100 and SR150 for vehicles without valid insurance, and fines ranging between SR300 and SR500 for not having safety seats for children.

Taking reverse for a length of more than 20 meters on public roads will be ticketed with an amount ranging between SR150 and SR300 while the penalty for throwing trash out of the vehicle is a minimum of SR300 and maximum of SR500. Misusing sound horn is also a violation for which the motorist will be ticketed between SR150 and SR300.

Fines ranging between SR100 and SR150 will be slapped on those motorists who leave their vehicle without turning off the engine.


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