Saudi: Tourists Swarm To Najran For Its Beautiful Panoramic Views

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From the peak of Mount Raum, located in the south-west of Saudi Arabia’s Najran city, visitors touring the historic fortress enjoy panoramic scenes of the Najran villages and their oasis.

The 1,000-meter high geographical jewel provides a bird’s eye view of the city and houses a castle decorated with distinctive shapes and patterns to reflect the history of the region, its civilization and ancient architecture.

Below the castle are newly-constructed reservoirs to stock up water during the rainy season.

The fortress, which is also an archaeological site, is surrounded by a large external wall built of square stones and adorned with shielding balconies. It has five rooms, a roof made of palm wood and a winding staircase.

Mount Raum is located to the south of the Najran valley facing the Abu Hamdan mountain — the highest mountain in the region — and runs parallel to the Wadi Najran watercourse.

It holds strategic and historical significance attracting tourists and explorers looking to document the area overlooking the heritage villages of Al-Hudhun, Al Qabil, and Djerba.


Source Credit: Arab News


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