Saudi: Traffic Rule Violations Decline Drastically!

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According to the latest figures of the General Department of Traffic, the fatalities in traffic accidents have fallen by 33% and injuries by 21% over the last two years. The number of traffic rule violators dropped to 20% from 33%.

The number of deaths dropped to 6,025 in 2018 from 9,031 in 2016 and the number of injuries dropped from 38,120 to 30,217 during the two-year period.

The Traffic Department attributed this positive outcome to a raft of measures taken to enhance traffic safety as one of the major points of the National Transformation Program 2020.

Traffic violations were better monitored which resulted in the compliance of seat belt regulations. Over 95% motorists now wear seat belts in cities where traffic violations are monitored electronically.


Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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