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Saudi Transport Ministry Launches Rubber Asphalt Initiative For Hajj Walkways

Minister of Transport and Logistic Services and Roads General Authority Chairman of the Board of Directors Eng. Saleh Al-Jasser has launched an initiative to use flexible rubber asphalt in pedestrian walkways at the holy sites for this year’s Hajj (1445 AH). The aim is to improve the public health of pilgrims and enhance their quality of life.

The Roads General Authority explained that this scientific innovation was implemented in collaboration with various entities on the road parallel to pedestrian path No. 6 leading to Mount Arafat.

The technology utilizes recycled rubber from tires in asphalt mixtures, which helps reduce tire waste accumulation and minimizes pollution from tire burning.

Experiments have shown that the hardness of standard asphalt surfaces and sidewalks causes discomfort and issues for the ankles and feet of pilgrims, particularly the elderly, who make up 53% of all pilgrims.

This has led to increased demand for health facilities during the Hajj season, with 38% of injuries concentrated in the foot and ankle area.

The use of this technology is expected to reduce pressure on the ankles and feet, providing a sense of comfort while walking, and ultimately leading to an improvement in the public health of the pilgrims and enhancing their quality of life.


Saudi Gazette

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