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Saudi: Two arrested for attempted murder and robbery in Qatif

Two people have been arrested for attempted murder and robbery in the Qatif governorate in the Eastern Province, according to an official source at the Public Prosecution.

The source said the Public Prosecution in Qatif initiated an investigation into the case. The suspects are accused of deliberately running over a person with their vehicle and stealing his personal belongings. The suspects appeared in a video clip being circulated on social media.

The source said the two men confessed to committing the crime with the motive of seizing the victim’s belongings, and their admission was recorded by the competent court.

“It was revealed during the investigations that the two men attempted to kill and rob a person, and subsequently they were detained in preparation for completing the investigation against them and referring them to the competent court,” the source said, adding that the prosecution will plead for the harshest penalties for this major crime.


Saudi Gazette

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