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Saudi University Secures X-ray Film Patent

Imam Mohammad ibn Saud Islamic University has been granted a new patent by the US Patent and Trademark Office for a pioneering X-ray film made from bio-materials.

This innovation, developed by a team of researchers including Sharif Hussein, Mohammed Saad Al-Issa, Hassan Ahmed Rudaini, Nasser Adam Ibrahim, Mohammed Mousa Al-Zahrani, and Salem Ali Al-Yami, represents a significant advancement in the field of biological sciences.

The patent details the creation of biodegradable organic nanomembranes designed to replace synthetic membranes currently used in laboratories, surgeries, biomedical engineering, bioengineering, and dentistry.

These innovative membranes are not only biodegradable but also environmentally friendly, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional synthetic films.

This accomplishment is a result of the university’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center’s Patent Deposit and Registration Program, an initiative aimed at supporting and enhancing patent registrations by university staff, thereby safeguarding the institution’s intellectual assets.


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