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Saudi: Violators Of ‘Public Decency’ Rules To Face Penalties

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Saudi Arabia has started implemented new rules on public behaviour in the kingdom and has warned that violators will face penalties.

People breaking any of 10 new rules on public behavior in Saudi Arabia will be fined up to SR5,000 ($1,333).

The rules cover aspects such as dressing respectfully, avoiding taking photos or using phrases that might offend public decency, and refraining from creating graffiti and demolishing public property or transport unless authorized by Saudi authorities.

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Verbal and physical acts of violence or actions that cause damage, fear or are considered to be a threat to public safety, are also in the list.

The new regulations were approved by the Saudi Cabinet last month, and are aimed at upholding the values, principles and identity of Saudi society in public places such as parks, beaches, malls, hotels and restaurants.



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