Saudi: Wanted Criminal Shot Dead In Jeddah Firefight

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A man was killed and a police officer injured during a firefight involving a machine gun in Jeddah Monday night.

A spokesperson told Saudi Press Agency the man fired randomly with a machine gun in his possession and held a person as “a human shield in an attempt to escape from the security forces”.

Police received information on the whereabouts of the wanted man and arrived at the location to arrest him. When the man noticed the police presence, he started firing at them from a machine gun. He took a 14-year-old girl hostage in an attempt to escape after police surrounded him in a house in the Al-Marwa neighborhood of Jeddah.

The man refused to surrender to the authorities. In his bid to escape, he took a girl hostage. Police had to shoot the man to free the girl from his grip. He died instantly.

One police officer was injured during the incident. The man was wanted in cases related to shootings and drug possession. The suspect’s name was not disclosed.

Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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