Saudi: What will happen to expat drivers as women start driving?

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The lifting of the kingdom’s female driving ban is expected to hit demand for expat drivers.

The recruitment of foreign drivers will decrease by 50 percent over the next 10 years due to the new law allowing women to drive, according to experts.

Hamad Al-Baishan, a recruitment agent, said recruitment charges will decrease and expat drivers will also lose their jobs.

“Women will be more independent and the financial burden of hiring a driver will no longer be an issue. Women will also be working in the transportation industry as bus drivers and metro drivers,” said Al-Baishan.

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Saleh Bin Abdulwahid, another recruitment office agent, said hiring drivers is usually a financial burden on a Saudi family.

“Women driving will lessen the family’s financial burden and give women a safer option,” said Bin Abdulwahid.

The Saudi Economic Association said last year the kingdom could save SAR20bn ($5.33bn) by allowing women to drive, assuming half of expat drivers were no longer needed.

The savings are expected to largely come from families no longer needing to employ foreign drivers as women would be able to transport themselves and their children.

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Source credit: Saudi Gazette


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