Saudi Woman In Coma After ‘Wrong Diagnosis & Surgery’

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A Saudi woman was reported to be in critical condition following what is described as a wrong diagnosis in a government hospital in Makkah.

The woman came to the hospital with stomach problems and the wrong diagnosis by a doctor led to removing part of her small intestine. The woman actually suffered from deep vein thrombosis

The woman underwent the wrong surgery, after which she slipped into a coma and is currently admitted to the intensive care unit.

Saeed Al-Ghamdi, her son, called on the Ministry of Health to open investigation and to hold those who put his mother in this condition accountable. He called also for the related authorities to transfer his mother to a more advanced hospital where she can receive better treatment.

Ahmad Ajab, a legal consultant, said the wrong diagnosis is among major medical mistakes that are widespread.

He also said if family members of the patient suspected there was a medical mistake, they have the right to complain to the health affairs. If the medical mistake was proven, then the case will be transferred to a special medical committee.

Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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