Saudi Arabia

Saudi: Woman swallows toothbrush while brushing her teeth

A 20-year-old woman underwent surgery at Makkah’s Al Noor Specialist Hospital to get a toothbrush removed from her stomach, Arabic newspapers reported on Sunday.

The woman told the doctors at the hospital’s emergency department that she swallowed the toothbrush accidentally while she was brushing her teeth. The more she tried to retrieve it the deeper it went down her throat before slipping down to her stomach.

Following medical examinations, an x-ray and CT-scan, a team of doctors led by gastroenterologist Dr. Muhammad Fauzi carried out an operation and extracted the toothbrush from the woman’s stomach.

The woman is now in good health condition and is being monitored, according to Dr. Motlaq Al Malki, Assistant director for medical services at the hospital.


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