Saudi women finally get behind wheels of luxury cars

Saudi women are making the most of their newfound right to drive, testing out some of the world’s most exotic vehicles at a recent motor show. Following a decree from Saudia Arasbia’s King Salman allowing women to get behind the wheel last month, customers have been clamouring to get their hands on the latest luxury cars.

At a motor show in Riyadh on Friday, a woman named Nadia said she was excited to be looking at the top-end vehicles.  “I am very excited after the king announced the women are allowed to drive so I said I’m going to come look for my future car,” she said.

Al-Jomaih Automotive corporate marketing and public relations manager Salah Al-Obathani said the decision would end up being good for business. “We are actually happy for the king’s decree in both terms, in the society and also business-wise,” he said.

Source Credit: 9News
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