Saudi Women in scarves and hats cheer their clubs in Jeddah Stadium for the first time

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JEDDAH — Saudi families showed up at Al-Jawhara Stadium, King Abdullah Sports City, here on Friday three hours before the actual match began to experience the real life drama on ground for the first time.

Families came to gate two with children, elders and for the first time women, as the entrance to the game witnessed an orderly queue to witness the match.

Women were screened at the gate and then got the chance to pass through the electronic gates by showing their tickets and thus creating history by being among the first women to witness a game at a stadium.

The ticket cost SR20 per person including the VAT. Some young women had dressed up in uniform Abayas and distributed scarves and flags for clubs in action.

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Haila a mother who came with her family, said this is an incredible experience to enjoy the match live from the stadium.

Wisam. a 15 years old teen, said that seeing this match live is incredible and left her speechless. “I just love it, the stadium is really huge I did not expect it to be like this, an experience that is totally different from watching my club playing on TV.”

Zohour, one of the organizers, said she came to know through a group that they needed female volunteers at the stadium and I volunteered. “I immediately registered as I really wanted to be part of this. It is just amazing,” said Zohor, who stands in the family section at block 353 and helps ushering families to their respective seats.

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Ahmad, a father of three, brought his son and two daughters dressed in the color of their team wearing funky hats. He said he wanted his family to experience football live instead of just watching it on TV.

All the family sections are equipped with facilities including restrooms, food kiosks and praying areas. Special kids activities are also present in different areas of the stadium.

Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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