Saudi: Women To Start Receiving Divorce Notice By SMS

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The Ministry of Justice will start implementing the new system to notify married women through SMS about a change in their social status in case of their divorce being granted.

A new Justice Ministry regulation taking effect Sunday will make it mandatory for a woman to be notified by text message when a court issues her husband’s divorce decree, Saudi lawyer Nisreen al-Ghamdi said.

In the new system, women in the Kingdom will be able to have access to documents related to the termination of their marriage contracts through the ministry’s e-portal, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The new initiative stipulates that the courts will notify the women immediately via text message to their phone numbers registered through the Absher system when a divorce decree is issued by a court. The text message will inform the divorcee of the number of the divorce document and the court that issued it.

The ministry stated that the courts across the Kingdom have received a circular to enforce this directive from Sunday so as to provide beneficiaries assistance in preserving their rights. This will also promote the digital transformation in the ministry with more services being made available to the citizen.

The ministry added that a woman could also inquire about her marital status through the ministry’s portal Najiz ( The concerned woman can also personally contact the women’s section of the court or at the office of the president of the court to receive a copy of the document.

The ministry has launched the electronic link service with the National Information Center for online registration of marriages after the ratification of the marriage contract, where the marital status of the couple will be updated directly in the Absher system and the information of citizens at the Civil Status Agency.


Source Credit: Saudi Gazette


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