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Saudi: World-renowned Museums of Illusion arrives in Riyadh

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Riyadh welcomes visitors to the Museums of Illusion, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia and largest in the Middle East, on Thursday at Riyadh park.

The Museum of illusions is an exciting experience that specializes in optical illusions and challenges the boundaries of physics through exhibits that include a set of educational and interactive games, and brain puzzles appropriate for all age groups.

With the aim of stimulating the human mind in a fun filled experience, the exhibits include holograms, optical illusions, Rotated Room as well as immersive rooms that are designed to trick the mind and challenge your vision and gravity. The museum also offers visitors a sensory experience where they can touch and feel certain items to learn more about them.

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Khadija Noah, museum manager, said: ”We are more than happy to introduce this international sensation here in Riyadh! This will be the first museum of this kind in the Kingdom and the biggest one in the Middle East.

“Across the 500 square meters, there will be many optical illusions, installations and interactive rooms that will provide a unique experience and draw visitors into each illusion, raising their curiosity more and more by each exhibit.

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The Museum of illusions sets itself apart from other attractions as it combines science and innovation with entertainment that creates a positive and enjoyable learning experience for all visitors.

The museum is full of photoganic angels with no limits on the number of photos you take. The internationally established museum features in more than 25 major cities across the world, and has permanently set up its new location in Riyadh, bringing exceptional entertainment to the Kingdom’s capital for all residents to enjoy.



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