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Saudis can now request for e-passport via Absher

The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) has announced that the Saudi electronic passport can now be issued through the Absher platform. The Saudi electronic passport was launched in February 2022.

The Jawazat clarified that Saudi nationals and their dependents can now submit a request to issue the e-passport for them or for their dependents via the services menu for Family Members in Absher.

The national ID is a mandatory requirement for those aged 10 years and above to be able to issue the e-passport, the Jawazat said.

It called on citizens to benefit from the service provided on the Absher platform. The shipping carrier option is available on the portal and the passport will be delivered to the postal address registered on Absher.

The electronic passport was designed with the highest security specifications and is compatible with the International Civil Aviation Organization requirements.

The new Saudi electronic passport is characterized by changes in its details and content, such as its external colour and security features. Also, it contains an encrypted chip ensuring data security. The passport’s data card contains the holder’s information, three photos with different technologies, and the possibility of digitally verifying the passport through digital portals.

Retaining Saudi identity, vital tourist attractions in the Kingdom have been watermarked on all pages of the electronic passport.


Saudi Gazette
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