Saudi’s Red Palace Attracts Large Number of Visitors

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The historic Red Palace in Riyadh opened its doors to the public since last week has attracted a large number of tourists to its venue.

The palace stands in full pride and dignity in the heart of Riyadh. The palace has significantly witnessed a large number of important political decisions and historic events in the Kingdom

The Palace opened its doors on March 13, inviting a large number of visitors, delegations and diplomats from the kingdom. The palace will remain open to the public until April 20 with permission to tour and take memorial photographs.

The Palace offers rich and varied contents to its visitors and also showcases historic events including Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait.

The palace has 16 suites, decorated with artworks by Prince Sultan Bin Fahd Bin Nasser Al-Saud. The opening ceremony exhibited the display of rare paintings inhibiting the mixture of heritage and contemporary artwork.

There is a box full of pamphlets that were distributed by the International Alliance among Saddam Hussein’s soldiers urging them to surrender including another box showcasing masks used during the second Gulf War.

The Red Palace has also witnessed the fiery turn of political events including the severance of ties with Britain and France during the Suez crisis in 1956.

The palace was the first concrete and steel structure built in the Kingdom in 1945 by Egyptian architects later became the Court of Grievances in 1988.