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Saudisation in malls to create 51,000 new jobs for Saudis

Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi announced the Saudization of most jobs in closed commercial complexes (malls). Al-Rajhi issued three ministerial decisions to Saudize a number of activities and professions in the labor market that aim to create 51,000 jobs for Saudis.

The first decision is limiting jobs to Saudis in all activities and professions in malls as well as at mall management offices, excluding a limited number of activities and professions.

The second decision is to increase the rate of Saudization in the sales outlets of restaurants and cafes in accordance with their classifications and required percentages specified in the procedural guide issued in this regard.

The third decision involves increasing the Saudization rates in the major central supply market outlets in accordance with their classifications, professions, and the required percentages and phases of Saudization specified in the procedural guide issued along with the decision.

The new ministerial decisions are expected to create as many as 51,000 for Saudi men and women.

The ministry stressed the need to adhere to its decisions by the commercial establishments so as to avoid facing penalties in the event of violations. The employers can have the detailed information regarding these decisions from the ministry’s website.


Saudi Gazette

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