Saudization Begins: expats lose jobs

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In a report by the Saudi General Organization for Social Insurance (GOSI), around 34,500 Saudis are paid less than SAR2,000 per month; whereas the salaries of more than 128,000 Saudi local workers do not exceed a sum of SAR3,000. It is stated that around 250,000 Saudis as well as 230,000 expatriates are currently receiving monthly salaries which are either SAR10,000 or more. Given these statistics, will Saudization (equivalent to throwing out expatriates from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), achieve the objectives of betterment for Saudi? It is also worth noting that local Saudis would not like or wish to work for a monthly salary that is lower than SAR5,000 a month.

Instead of sending expatriates back home, a suggested solution is to allow these expats to start their own businesses in Saudi Arabia. This will supposedly help the Saudi market to grow immensely and attract foreign investment as well as investment from the local expatriate community living in the Kingdom at a much higher scale than it is today.

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