Saudization Campaign Drives Expats To Seasonal Jobs

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Many employed people also ventured into seasonal businesses to supplement their income. But this is no longer the case. The Saudization campaign in various job sectors drove many expats to the seasonal work as a means of livelihood.

For many decades, seasonal jobs and trading activities were a secure source of income for unemployed Saudis until they landed permanent jobs. Expats are seen these days in professions such as roadside stalls selling tea or fruit and vegetables. They even drive mobile food trucks.

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A number of Saudis interviewed by Al-Eqtisadiah business daily said the Saudization move in the cell phone sector, car spare parts shops and car rental offices pushed many expats to trades that were once dominated by Saudi men and women.

Selling of wood, desert truffles, electronic games, cell phone accessories and winter clothes used to be exclusively practised by Saudis. Now expats are entering the market because of the ban on their employment in a number of sectors.

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Expats are seen selling products that are in high demand during winter which cannot be sold during summer. The advantage is that the vendor can do the business sitting on roads and other public places without obtaining any license or permits from the authorities.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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