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Saudization of 25% Of Engineering Professions Effective From July 21

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, in partnership with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, announced the decision to Saudize 25 percent of engineering professions in the private sector effective from July 21, 2024. This will be applicable to all private sector establishments that employ five employees in the engineering professions.

This decision comes within the efforts of the two ministries aimed at providing more stimulating and productive job opportunities for male and female citizens in various regions of the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing said that it will work to follow up and implement this decision, which raises the level of participation in the labor market. The ministry will supervise its implementation in a manner consistent with the requirements of the labor market and the specialization of engineering professions. The ministry also confirmed that the private sector establishments will benefit from the incentives and support programs provided by the human resources and social development system to help establishments employ Saudis, including supporting the process of attracting and searching for suitable workers, supporting the necessary training and qualification process, and supporting the recruitment and career continuation process.

This is in addition to giving priority in benefiting from all nationalization support programs available in the system, and support and employment programs through the Human Resources Development Fund (HADAF).


Saudi Gazette

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