SCE denies fish deaths in Busaiteen

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The Supreme Council for the Environment (SCE) yesterday denied that thousands of dead fish were found on  the coasts of Busaiteen, similar to a recent occurrence in Kuwait. (The authorities in Kuwait had attributed the phenomenon earlier this week to “random disposal of unwanted fish by some fishermen, in addition to excesses in the discharge of untreated water in the sea, pollutants from the discharge of rainwater networks and the sudden change in water temperatures and low level of dissolved oxygen in it.”)

“With reference to the reports posted on social media on Tuesday, regarding fish deaths on the coast of Busaiteen, a team from the council conducted a survey on the mentioned coast, but no cases of fish deaths were reported,” SCE said in a press statement issued yesterday.

SCE praised Agriculture and Marine Resources Affairs Undersecretary in Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning Ministry Shaikh Khalifa bin Isa Al Khalifa, who commented on the case in an interview with a local Arabic daily saying “The detected numbers do not constitute a phenomenon of collective death of fish and the reason is probably the increase in temperatures.”



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