Scientists fly over hundreds of mysterious ancient gates spotted in Saudi Arabia

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Google EarthArchaeologists have been allowed to fly over Saudi Arabia to investigate hundreds of mysterious, seemingly ancient man-made structures first spotted on Google Earth. The archaeologists refer to them as ‘gates’ because of how they look like garden gates from above – but their purpose, and age, remains unknown.


Some of the gates are sufficiently old that lava flows appear to go over them. David Kennedy of the University of Western Australia first spotted the structures in Google Earth imagery in a region of Saudi Arabia called Harrat Khaybar.

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Kennedy said, ‘Last month, they lifted this veil of sorts and allowed me to fly over the country’s vast array of archaeological sites for the first time. ‘We planned where we wanted to fly in order to capture several thousand structures in these two lava fields. Our helicopter survey was probably the first systematic aerial reconnaissance for archaeology ever carried out in Saudi Arabia.’

Source Credit: Metro
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