Seat Selection On Emirates: How Does It Work & Do You Have To Pay?

Selecting a seat on Emirates can significantly influence your flying experience, whether looking for an aisle seat for quick access to the bathroom (or to avoid disturbing your seatmate when you wish to stretch your legs) or a window seat to enjoy the view.

Emirates offers a range of seat selection options tailored to different needs and preferences. Understanding how seat selection works, the types of seats available, and the associated costs can help you make an informed decision for your next flight.

What seats are available on Emirates?

Emirates categorizes seats into four main types in economy class. Each of these is designed to offer different levels of comfort and convenience:

Regular Seat: These seats can be by the window, in the middle, or on the aisle. They are the standard seats available throughout the cabin.

Preferred Seat: This seat is located towards the aft section of the economy class cabin or, in some cases, on the upper deck of A380 flights. It allows passengers to disembark quickly.

Twin Seat: These seats are in a row of two and feature just a window and an aisle seat. They are available at the back of Emirates’ 777 Boeing flights and on the upper deck of some A380 aircraft.

Extra Legroom Seat: As the name suggests, these seats provide additional legroom. These are usually located by the exit rows.

Emirates has also recently introduced the option to pay to not sit next to a stranger. How interesting – especially for those who want a little extra privacy!

The seat selection process

Seat selection on Emirates is a straightforward process, typically done during the booking process or later via the ‘Manage your booking’ section on the Emirates website. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: access the section during booking

When booking your flight online, you will be prompted to select your seats. The available options are shown on the seat map.

Step 2: After booking:

If you didn’t select a seat during the booking process, you can still do so by logging into the ‘Manage your booking’ section on the Emirates website. Here, you can view the available seats and make your selection.

Step 3: at the airport or online check-in:

Seats can also be selected during the online check-in, which opens 48 hours before departure.

Will I be charged for my seat selection?

The days of free seat selection are long gone. As airlines aim to increase auxiliary revenue, most airlines now charge for seat selection—especially if you are flying in economy class! Emirates has implemented a fee structure for seat selection, particularly for certain seat types and passenger categories.

Here are the key points to understand:

  • Economy class: While some seat selections are accessible, especially for Regular seats, Preferred, Twin, and Extra Legroom seats typically incur an additional charge. The cost can vary depending on the flight route, seat type, and the selection timing.
  • Business and first class: Passengers traveling in business or first class generally enjoy complimentary seat selection as part of their premium service offering.
  • Skywards Members: Emirates Skywards Silver, Gold, and Platinum members, as well as certain fare types, may have complimentary seat selection options depending on their membership tier and the type of seat they choose.
  • Special Assistance: Passengers requiring special assistance, such as those with disabilities or those traveling with infants, may have specific seat selection policies, often including complimentary selections to accommodate their needs.

A quick go-to-guide for Emirates seat selection on the 777 and A380

Aircraft TypeSeat TypeDescriptionFee (Economy Class)
Boeing 777Regular SeatStandard seats throughout the cabin.Free (some exceptions)
Preferred SeatLocated at the front for quicker disembarkation.Additional charge
Twin SeatRows of two seats, providing extra privacy.Additional charge
Extra Legroom SeatSeats with more legroom, often at exit rows.Additional charge
Airbus A380Regular SeatStandard seats throughout the cabin.Free (some exceptions)
Preferred SeatLocated at the front or on the upper deck for quicker disembarkation.Additional charge
Twin SeatRows of two seats on the upper deck offer more privacy.Additional charge
Extra Legroom SeatSeats with more legroom, usually at exit rows on both decks.Additional charge

Terms and conditions apply!

According to Emirates website, there are several important terms and conditions associated with Emirates’ seat selection process:

  • Availability: Seat selection is subject to availability at the request time and can be influenced by operational and safety considerations.
  • Non-transferable: Once selected, seats are non-transferable and non-endorsable between passengers.
  • Operational Changes: Emirates reserves the right to change your seat due to operational disruptions, aircraft changes, or safety reasons. In such cases, passengers may be eligible for a refund.
  • Refunds: Refunds for seat selection charges are generally not provided unless under specific circumstances, such as Emirates flight cancelations, operational changes resulting in different seat assignments, or other stipulated conditions.
  • Safety Requirements: For extra legroom seats in exit rows, passengers must meet specific safety criteria, including being over 16 years old, able-bodied, and capable of assisting in an emergency evacuation.

How to make the most of your selected seat!

To maximize the benefits of seat selection:

  • Book Early: Select your seat early to secure your preferred option, especially for popular routes or peak travel seasons.
  • Check Seat Maps: Utilize online seat maps to understand the layout and choose the best available seat based on your preferences.
  • Monitor Changes: Monitor your booking and check for changes to your seat assignment as your flight date approaches. Due to operational reasons, airlines reserve the right to change aircraft at the last minute. Make sure not to lose out.

In conclusion, Emirates’ seat selection is designed to enhance the passenger experience by offering various seating options. While there may be associated costs, especially for premium seat types, understanding the process and planning can ensure a comfortable and relaxing journey. Whether you prioritize extra legroom, a quick exit, or simply a window view, Emirates can tailor your seating preferences.


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