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Seven Bahraini Directors Shine at Saudi Film Festival

Seven distinguished Bahraini directors took part in the tenth edition of the Saudi Film Festival.

This year’s festival boasts an array of competitions, including film and screenplay contests, w ith enhance d prize structures and an expanded platform for showcasing international and Arab films.

Representing the Kingdom of Bahrain, the directors – Mahmoud Al-Sheikh, Hashem Sharaf, Ahmed Akbar, Jaafar Al-Baqali, Taqwa Nasser, Mohammed Jassim and Mohammed Al-Mubarak – bring a diverse range of narratives to the forefront.

Al- Sheikh presents “My Word,” a poignant feature centering on the resilience of a widowed grandmother navigating the complexities of love.

Sharaf ’s “An Excuse Better Than a Sin” delves into urban dynamics, capturing the daring exploits of a young man amidst the backdrop of Bahrain’s bustling cityscape.

Akbar’s “Day” offers a reflective exploration of aging and solitude, while Al-Baqali’s “Made for Beauty, Used for Ugly” delves into the emotional intricacies of family reunions post-war. Nasser’s “The Majla Woman” injects humor into the narrative, unraveling the eccentricities of a mysterious supermarket.

Documentary lens Jassim’s “Bar Sar” offers a captivating documentary lens into Bahrain’s cultural tapestry, spotlighting the unique tradition of donkey racing. Al-Mubarak’s “Al-Ihla” delves into the evolution of social customs and traditions, probing the shifting moral landscape through the enigmatic portrayal of “Al-Ihala.”

The participation of Bahraini directors underscores the festival’s commitment to fostering regional talent and celebrating cultural diversity through the medium of cinema.

As audiences anticipate the unveiling of these captivating narratives, the Saudi Film Festival promises to be a showcase of creativity, innovation, and storytelling prowess.


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