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Seychelles Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Jeddah

An Air Seychelles plane had to make an emergency landing at King Abdulaziz International Airport (KAIA) in Jeddah after encountering a technical fault on Monday. The plane landed successfully, and all the passengers and crew are safe.

The KAIA announced that the airport control tower had received a distress call from an Air Seychelles plane (No. SET022) to make an emergency landing after a smell of smoke in the cockpit at 8:12 pm on Monday.

The airport confirmed that a number 2 state of emergency was declared with all the readiness in place to provide assistance to the plane. The emergency operational management room at the airport was activated and the plane landed safely at 8:40 pm local time.

The KAIA said in a statement that Air Seychelles is working to secure a replacement plane, and the six crew members were served and transferred to the hotel. All the 128 passengers and three children were accommodated at the hotel of KAIA Terminal 1.


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